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I develop state-of-the-art mapping applications.


I felt the coding love long ago and never stoped since then.

Physical Geography

Environmental monitoring in hydrology/hydrogeology fields.

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Our latest blog entry - ConcelhosXXI!
ConcelhosXXI is a simple GIS model to enable administrative redistricting.
Based on the last national census, this project aims to give a glimpse of the future Portuguese inner administrative boundaries on a municipal level.
Check our latest product TrailMap!
Over the last year we have participated on some trail running events and loved it.
This is our approach for a beter information over trail running events.
CensusMap has been graduated to CensusMap Dashboard!
Following recent developments by the Mecklenburg County and UNCC we present you an awesome new produt!
We have a new awesome Blog!
Our first post is a clip challenge between some of the most used geospatial libraries. Don't miss it!
Check out our latest product MapoTur!
We are excited as we released our first stable version of Suadeo.

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Portuguese OSM weekly extracts


GeoDjango reporting/survey platform

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